Fake Security Tag - Round Grey Blue

Fake Security Tag - Round Grey Blue


Fake Security Tag - Round Grey Blue by Teges

波蘭獨立設計品牌 TEGES 的搞怪幾何扣針系列 “Fake Security Tag” 。

品牌設計師 Michal Jonca 其實是一位波蘭的建築師,他被時裝店常用那些形狀獨特的防盜扣吸引著,貪玩的他於是設計出一系列可配戴的 Fake Security Tag,貫徹簡約的建築美學之餘,亦神奇地與任何衣飾都顯得搭配,防盜扣本來就是扣在衣飾上嘛!Fake Security Tag 以樹脂及黃銅扣針組成,每件皆由 Michal 親手製作。


所有 TEGES 的 Fake Security Tag 系列均以人手製作,每件都是獨一無二的作品,尺寸和紋理不會完全相同。

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Fake Security Tag - Round Grey Blue by Teges

Designed by architect Michał Jońca, this is a unique, one of its kind, hand made piece of carefully designed jewellery collection, in shape of security clothing tag.

Made of poured resin and carefully chosen and mixed colour pigment compositions, Safety pin is made of brass which has great, rich look and will never rust. Pin has a rotating lock, so you will know there's no way to loose it or hurt yourself. 

You wear it as you like - on hats, bags, shirt, coat, shoes or as a brooch, in front or back or upside down, you name it. 

Due to fully hand made process, each piece  is different, no two are alike.

Design Origin: Poland

 images by ununliving, TEGES