About Maria Svarbova

出生於斯洛伐克,Maria Svarbova 雖然修讀修復與考古學,但她卻更醉心於攝影。自2010年開始,她的攝影作品就備受矚目,得到 The Guardian、Vogue、iGnant 等國際媒體的廣泛報導,Leica 更為她舉辦個人攝影展覽。

Maria Svarbova was born in 1988; she currently lives in Slovakia. Despite studying restoration and archeology, her preferred artistic medium is photography. From 2010 to the present, the immediacy of Maria’s photographic instinct continues to garner international acclaim and is setting new precedents in photographic expression. The recipient of several prestigious awards, her solo and group exhibitions have placed her among the vanguard of her contemporaries, attracting features in Vogue, Forbes, The Guardian, and publications around the world; her work is frequently in the limelight of social media. Maria’s reputation also earned her a commission for a billboard-sized promotion on the massive Taipei 101 tower, in Taiwan.