About Masanao Hirayama

如果你去日本時喜歡留意街頭海報、逛書店、看展覽,你會發覺這些看似隨意的筆觸好像經常出現。初次接觸平山昌尚 Masanao Hirayama (HIMAA) 的人,幾乎都無法理解為甚麼他的作品好像一直備受注目,這些簡單的插畫竟然多次成為 Tokyo Art Book Fair 及 Graphic Design in Japan 等重要展覽的主視覺。如果你耐心細看平山昌尚的作品,無論是插畫還是裝置,盡是充滿童趣、惡搞及譏諷等元素,看似十分隨意的筆觸,其實經過反覆練習,令觀眾無法看出他的動機及意識,目的是讓觀眾讀到自己的內心。

1976年生於神戶的日本藝術家平山昌尚,自2002年起活躍於日本及歐洲的的獨立出版、展覽、美術館,與瑞士殿堂級獨立出版社 Nieves 長期合作,其印刷品幾乎都交由 Nieves 負責製作,近年獲時尚品牌 Beams 邀請合作推出 Tokyo Cultuart 聯成系列單品。


Born in Kobe in 1976, Masano Hirayama is a painter, drawer and performer based in Tokyo. His works are filled with black lines which, despite their simplicity, stimulate our consciousness or recognition. Masanao Hirayama, formerly known as HIMAA, says that he is not depicting specific objects but lets the viewer see what he/she wants to. Although his lines look like they are drawn with his intuition, he carefully draws the same image over and over again until he can eliminate his intention and the line becomes unconscious.