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About Studio Todd
設計工作室 Studio Todd 位於東倫敦,主理人 Sarah 喜歡以木材創作不同古怪童趣的小物,並開發了People Factory 木製人偶系列,頭部及四肢皆可動。每個人偶都是100%人手製作,沒有模具的限制,所以每個人偶身上的飾物、鞋子、道具甚至盒子上的圖案都是度身訂造,充滿細節度之餘,每個獨一無二。
Studio Todd is a design studio based in South East London founded by Sarah Todd. Sarah enjoys working across different practices to create interesting objects and playful designs. People Factory, which is a collection of customised wooden figures. Each figure is handmade by herself and is designed with detailed and unique accessories.