About Thomas Hedger

Thomas Hedger is an illustrator based in London, who graduated from the Central Saint Martins School of Design. Thomas’s work is known for its bold lines, punchy colours. After completing an Architecture internship, which instilled his admiration for precision and technicality in drawing, making unbounded vectors and landscape drawings famous with his own aesthetics.

Thomas’s medium of creation is not limited to paper. Now he is also fascinated by digital drawing because it can accurately grasp the perfect straightness and roughness of the lines, making even an ordinary object or a everyday landscape special and narrative. He often publishes new works through social networks. It has attracted international brands such as Nike and Apple for collaboration.

畢業於倫敦中央聖馬丁設計學院的英國插畫家 Thomas Hedger,曾於建築工作室實習的他擅長以精準的線條和大膽明麗的顏色去建構對比強烈的畫作,經常透過社交網絡發佈新作品,畢業前已吸引到 Nike 及 Apple 等國際品牌邀請合作,被多間外國媒體譽為最值得期待的新世代插畫家之一。

Thomas 常用的創作媒介不限於紙上,現在他亦醉心數碼繪畫 (digital drawing) ,因為可以精準地掌握線條的完美曲直及粗幼,以精簡的線條建構獨特的畫面,即使是一件普通物件或一個日常景觀,都能令人留下深刻印象。