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about Yu Nagaba (長場雄)

日本人氣插畫家長場雄畫風以簡約硬線條繪畫人像著稱,其作品常見於《POPEYE》、《Ginza》及《Casa Brutus》等日本生活風格雜誌,擁有強烈時尚感的畫風更得到潮流界的青睞,先後於 Beams、Goodhood、G-Shock及 Champion 等著名單位聯乘合作。

Tokyo-based illustrator Yu Nagaba manages to convey so much in black, white and simple line work. His works are commonly found in Japanese lifestyle magazines such as Popeye, Ginza and Casa Brutus. With a strong sense of unique and contemporary style his work is also favored by the leading fashion community such as Hypebeast, Beams, Goodhood and Champion.