Tumbleweed by Yuri Hasegawa

Tumbleweed by Yuri Hasegawa


日本藝術家 Yuri Hasegawa 的布偶作品原稿畫集。Yuri Hasegawa 製作了一系列的布偶作品,對象包括卡通人物、藝術家、音樂家及電影人物等,以童趣方式展示各種流行象徵。

Size: 14 x 20cm

24 pages

Edition of 100

Published by Nieves (Switzerland)

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Nieves is a publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2001, Nieves publishes artists' books and zines.

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來自瑞士蘇黎世的獨立出版社 Nieves 是藝術小誌 (Zine) 文化最重要的推手之一,2001 成立以來積極出版藝術小誌,無論是多麼簡單、多麼古怪的念頭都可印製成Zine,讓想法傳遞或許可以連結更多志趣相投的人。十多年過去了,Nieves 依然正在致力將 Zine 的自由獨立精神推廣到世界各地,至今為世界各地的藝術家出版了超過200本 Zine。

Tumbleweedby Yuri Hasegawa gathers a selection of drawings that serve as sketches for her rag doll works. Through her homely needlework, she turns beloved characters and legends whom we may or may not know into lovely dolls: heroes and characters from TV series, movies or books; legendary painters and their works; film directors, musicians, professional athletes and works of contemporary art. Yuri Hasegawa was born in the Prefecture of Mie in 1978, she lives and works in Tokyo.

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