About Coucou Suzette

法國設計師 Juliette 以「媚俗」為主題設計的黃銅搪瓷扣針系列,強烈的對比配色令幽默的插畫充滿想像。

French artist Juliette created Coucou Suzette after studying art at the E.N.S.A.D. and jewelry at l'Ecole Boulle, Paris. In the meantime, she had the opportunity to work on illustration in Tokyo where she fell in love with kitsch. She once posted a pic of a ceramic boobie ring she made for a friend on Instagram and many people wanted it! So she started selling some, but she had to produce more and more so she decided to turn it into pin's, then patches, socks... and many more fun accessories! That's how it really started: thanks to a boob!