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Dot Watch



After three years of development, Dot Watch is finally launched!

In 2015, Korea’s Dot Inc. announced the development of Dot Watch, the world's first braille smart watch. Its revolutionary technology and simple design were highly praised.


Body Material:Aluminium Steel

Straps Material :Stainless Steel Mesh

Straps Length:210mm / 250mm

1-Year Free Warranty

Made in Korea

Strap Length:
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Dot Watch has two display systems: Braille Mode and Tactile Mode. The former is designed for the visually impaired and the latter is suitable for everyone.


Braille Mode

Dot Watch is the world's first smart watch with a dynamic braille system. In addition to general functions such as timekeeping and timer, Dot Watch can also be connected to a dedicated app for mobile phones. When a message is received, the watch will notify you with vibration. No matter how long the messages are, even for emails, users can use the touch panel on the surface to browse the complete message. It is suitable for any app's message notification. From this point on, visually impaired people no longer need to rely solely on sound to obtain information and privacy is guaranteed.


Learning Braille

Dot Watch provides a brand-new learning method for everyone. By simply entering text in the app for mobile phones, the watch will display the corresponding braille words so that the visually impaired can easily learn new words.

Tactile Mode

The design team did not expect Dot Watch's design ideas will also attract a large number of non-visually impaired people after the release of the design concept at first. They then cleverly applied the habit of reading time in braille system into the newly and unprecedentedly developed time system - Tactile Mode, so that everyone can Wear Dot Watch and read with your fingertips!



Dot Inc.

We strive to be a pioneer in accessible and affordable innovations for the vision impaired and the deafblind to lead independent, fulfilling lives. 

Awareness can be sightless.

Dot was formed upon the foundations of making everything accessible to everyone. Our team will be relentless in our quest to actualize our concepts and ready to use as your daily products.

Reaching the unreachable

Our mission won’t stop with the Dot Watch, in fact, it would only pave the road to a bigger and better future.
With the technology in our Dot Ecosystem, it will be possible to pursue an entire spectrum of education:
from simple braille acquisition to advanced tactile-graphic representations.

We’re also aiming at an affordable braille display for the developing regions with our Dot Mini project.
Our expeditions to Kenya have gifted us with enormous insight to strategically plan for those who require customized assistance. This ultimately lead us into the next generation of tactile reality - the Dot Pad project, which will be the embodiment of

Dot’s soul - to genuinely make a multi-layered mark in history.

Both the Dot Mini and the Dot Pad will be designed for universal literacy.
We predict that the widespread improvement of global braille literacy will directly result in upgraded lifestyles across the board. From education, entertainment, and employment, let’s make them truly available for everyone.



I don't use a smartphone. Can I still use the Dot Watch?

Dot Watch can be used with or without connecting to mobile devices. As a standalone function, the Dot Watch shows time, timer, stopwatch, and battery level.

 * When not connected to mobile devices, users need to manually set the time on the Dot Watch. To set time, follow the next steps. 

1. Simultaneously press and hold the select button and the home button of the Dot Watch for more than 3 seconds to enter time setting. Please make sure your Dot Watch is on.

2. You will feel a brief vibration and 's-e-t' (indicated by braille) will appear. From this page, press the select button to start setting the current time.

3. Use the crown and the select button to set the time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

4. When time setting is complete, the current time will be displayed along with a vibration.


What if I do not know how to read braille, can I use Dot Watch?

Yes. Dot Watch has both Braille Mode (for visually impaired) and Tactile Mode (for everyone who does not know braille).

12 dots on the left:

Each dot represents 1 hour

12 dots on the right:

Each dot represents 5 minutes

For precise minutes:

Press “select” button (red), display panel will change. 5 dots on the left represents tens digit, 9 dots on the right represents units digit.


How to charge? How long does the battery last for?

USB charger cable is included in the packaging. For charging, simply place the Dot Watch on the charger and plugin the USB cable. Battery can last for 1 week after charging for half hour.


How to download the Dot Watch App?

Search “Dot Watch” at App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).


Which languages of Braille Dot Watch supports?

English, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish and Vietnamese. (Cantonese, Taiwanese and French will be launching soon.)


Do I need to purchase a new Dot Watch for the upcoming languages?

No. New languages can be added into your Dot Watch through updating the software. You will only have to update the app on your phone.


Can I change the strap?

Yes, anytime. Dot Team will launch other strap styles soon.

The Dot Watch Package

“Dot Watch” and “Reinventing tactile communication” are printed in both Braille and written texts on the top left and right of the Dot Watch package. Reach your hand to the right side of the package, where you will notice a paper slip that reads “Manual” in Braille. Pull the slip to take the quick user manual out of the package. Note that the quick user manual is also printed in both Braille and written texts. Take out the product casing out of the package in the direction the quick user manual was drawn out. On the product casing, you will notice protection film and “Reinventing tactile communication” printed in Braille. To remove the film, reach your hand to the far right of the Braille printings, where a semi-circular portion of the film can be lifted and taken off. Once the film is removed, there you find the Dot Watch and its charger in the casing. Again, take off the films on the front and back of the Dot Watch and the charger to begin your Dot Watch experience!

Dot Watch Description

Place the Dot Watch to its upright position, where the “Dot Crown” and the two buttons are placed on the right, and the metal loop is placed below the Dot Watch screen. There are four cells on the Dot Watch screen. Each cell represents one character; therefore, up to 4 characters can be displayed at a time. Below the cells are left and right “Touch Sensors”. The “Dot Crown” is located on the right of the center of the body. The "Select Button" is located above Dot Crown, and the "Home Button" is located below Dot Crown. If the Dot Watch is turned off, the cells remain kept inside the screen. To turn on, press and hold the Home button for 3 seconds. Here, vibration will occur and all the cells are raised and dropped to notify. Rotate the “Dot Crown” upwards (clockwise) and downwards (counterclockwise) to navigate between various functions that the Dot Watch offers.

Charging Dot Watch

The charging terminal of the Dot Watch is located on the back; at the opposite end of the Dot Crown.

The charging terminal of the charging cradle is outlined by small indentions on the panel.

When charging, check these positions and face the terminals exactly onto each other. Both will perfectly fit and fix in place, once correctly placed. Connect the charging cradle to a USB port on either your computer or on a USB adapter to start charging. Once properly set, vibration will occur and “chrg” will be displayed to notify that the Dot Watch has now started charging.

Wearing Dot Watch

To wear, unfold the metallic band and its end that is curled by its magnetic field. Put the metallic end through the metal loop of the Dot Watch. Then, adjust and tighten the band to fit around your wrist.

Dot Watch Bluetooth Connection

The Dot Watch App can be easily downloaded from your smartphone-specific app stores. Simply search for "Dot Watch" or “Dot Incorporation” on the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android). Once the App is installed, sign in with your account to begin pairing. Here, you could either sign up and sign in with you Dot Account, or sign in with your Facebook or Gmail account. In the near future with our upcoming features, you will be able easily access our customer services and save customized options and setting with your account signed in to the Dot Watch App.

Please turn on the Dot Watch first for it to be ready for pairing. You can do so by pressing and holding the “Home Button” - here, vibration will occur and all the cells are raised and dropped to notify. Then, turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and run the Dot Watch App. In the App, press "Start” and look for your Dot Watch form the list, which is denoted by “Dot Watch DW-01,” and the last 4 digits of the product serial number. You can find the full serial number of your Dot Watch either from the written text on the packaging box, or from the Dot Watch App – Settings – About Dot, after the Dot Watch is paired with your smartphone. Once successfully paired, you will be notified with both vibration, and “conn” that is displayed in braille on your Dot Watch screen.

Please refer to the tutorial available in your Dot Watch App to fully experience and enjoy your Dot Watch!

Quick Guide

觸感模式 Tactile Mode (For Everyone)

點字模式 Braille Mode (For Visually Impaired)

Design Origin: Korea

Video & images by Dot Inc. & unun

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