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Taiwanese Math Rock Band

Elephant Gym Vinyl

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Elephant Gym Vinyl

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Elephant Gym is a bass driven, Math-Rock band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Formed in 2012. The music of Elephant Gym is known for clear and memorable bass line, emotional guitar riffs and melodic drumming. Most songs are instrumental. In 2013, Elephant Gym has started to invite singers to compose with them.


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Yu Nagaba

Yu Nagaba T-Shirt Champion Special Edition - Girl 00
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Yu Nagaba T-Shirt - Movie 100 "Man and Girl"
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Yu Nagaba 長場雄 2WAY Tote Bag - "Kiss"
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Yu Nagaba 長場雄 T-Shirt - "Shopping Girl" (Sold Out ☹)
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Luna Lamp by Acorn Studio

Available in 5 sizes

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photography project by unun

LUNA designed by Acorn Studio (Taiwan)
Handcrafted in Taiwan



Moon always brings the sense of relief. Divine and serene, the moon is a resting place for our heart. Acorn Studio (Taiwan) dreamed to design a moon which can be fitted into your home or even be grabbed by hands to bring pleasure and amazement in life. After two years of hard work, LUNA has officially debuted at some of the world's largest crowdfunding platforms, raising funds equivalent to 19 times of the initial target, with a multitude of positive feedback.

Each LUNA is unique. Let LUNA illuminate your space, and your mind.


LUNA Lamp by Acorn Studio | featured on:

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Noritake のりたけ

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Noritake のりたけ

Collection by Noritake のりたけ (Japan)


Japanese illustrator Noritake has held countless personal and joint exhibitions. He has been active in various creative disciplines such as design, illustrator, advertisement, fashion and media since 2008. It is easy to recognize his iconic black and white lines, simple brush strokes and white space aesthetics. You can always spot his works in Japan's railway advertisements, magazine covers, product packaging or shop windows.

Noritake's work is best known for its minimalist simplicity and the sense of humor of his characters. Some of the most impressive pieces of Noritake in recent years include the cover of magazines Brutus and Monocle, the “Happy Valentine's Day” program for Muji, the curious boy logo for Washida Home in Taiwan and Shiseido's IHADA facial care products advertising.

Noritake Tote Bag - EVERYDAY PEOPLE
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Noritake Notebook - REPEAT BOY (Sold Out ☹)
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Noritake T-Shirt - DAY OFF
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Noritake x ZUCCa Grown Pen
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KUUM Wooden blocks

The colors and shapes of the World. Assembled. 

Available in 12 styles (Japan)



Felissimo x monotogo

KUUM is a collection of 202 building blocks crafted from beech tree wood that come in beautifully arranged units of 12 pieces. Each unit is infused with the stories of 12 elements and each unique piece embodies a small fragment of nature. By seeing and touching the KUUM building blocks, the rational and the emotional parts of your mind are stimulated and this experience will introduce you to new insights.

Maria Svarbova

"Swimming Pool" Photo Book 

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"Swimming POOL"

Photo Book by Maria Svarbova (Slovakia)



In the Swimming Pool is Maria's largest series yet, originating in 2014 and continuing to develop to date. Sparked by a hunt for interesting location, her fascination with the space of public swimming pools contributed to developing her visual style. Sterile, geometric beauty of old pools set the tone for these photographs.

Each of them pictures a different pool, usually built in the Socialist Era, in various locations in Slovakia. There is almost cinematographic quality to the highly controlled sceneries that Maria captures. The figures are mid-movement, but there is no joyful playfulness to them. 

The Glacier Project:

by Brynjar Sigurðarson Creative Studio

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The Glacier Project

designed by

Brynjar Sigurðarson Creative Studio (Iceland)

Available in 5 sizes, 2 colours



Melt it, or Preserve it. 

The Glacier Project is an ecological minded collection.
Global heating is a reality. The artic is melting. Is consciousness the beginning of awareness for Mother Nature? With the action of lighting the candle the glacier shape will melt and fade. For how long do we have to keep melting the glaciers until they disappear? Preservation of the environment is in our hands.