About Sunset Rollercoaster

Sunset Rollercoaster is a 6-piece synth-pop band from Taiwan, including members: Tseng Kuo-Hung (vocal / guitar), Chen Hung-Li (bass), Lo Tsun-Lung (drum), Wang Shao-Hsuan (keyboard), Huang Shih-Wei (drum pads / percussion) and Huang Hao-Ting (Saxophone). The band is known for their 80s style of breezy and chilled out music with incredible live performances. Being one of the most romantic bands from Asia, fans nicknamed the band’s genre as “pregnantal rock”.

關於 落日飛車

甜蜜復古的台灣樂隊,從 2011 年發行沒有 Bossa Nova 的專輯《Bossa Nova》開始,樂迷漸漸遍佈日本歐美,浪漫醉人的曲風使人情不自禁地跟著節奏搖擺,高潮迭起,如落日飛車一樣。因常有樂迷在演出時求婚,所以亦被冠上「懷孕搖滾」的稱號。