Five Metal Shop Calendar 五金行日曆 2019 (Sold Out ☹)

Five Metal Shop Calendar 五金行日曆 2019 (Sold Out ☹)


擁有一本漂亮的日曆,可以讓每天都愉快一點 :)

傳統日曆不知不覺地從我們的生活消失,台灣設計工作室 Five Metal Shop 三年前決定要設計一本「比普通好一點」的手撕日曆,恰如其分的陪你度過365天,2019的五金行日曆終於登場了!

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Size: 12.3 x 18.4 cm

Pages: 385 頁 人手裝幀

Designed by Five Metal Shop (Taiwan)

Printed in Taiwan

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用上9種 Pantone 特別色墨,在師傅手工調製後,必須大面積的完美降落在薄脆的 30gsm (0.05mm) 單光紙,不能濃厚至背印、也不容許成色過淡,令印刷師傅頭痛非常!

100% 人手裝幀





2. 「豬事大吉利是封」與「滿福飽揮春」



A calendar where you tear off a page after each day ends is a typology unique to Asia. Traditionally in East Asia a calendar contains the date, month and year but also the date in the lunar calendar along with various information pertaining to the ‘wisdom’ of that particular day, such as indications of good days for moving, farming and ploughing, getting married and so on. As well as a calendar it served as a daily guide with tips for what was then a mainly agricultural society.

You don't see many young people using this type of calendar these days because the social context is now so different. However, we have always admired this typology and the important social and functional story behind it, so we decided to revisit the design and update it for today. We tried to keep the design honest and refrain from over-designing it. We made minor tweaks to the typeface and the layout but the DNA of the calendar remains the same. We have used two pantone colours for each month and have also created a few special illustrations for the days we like most. In keeping with tradition we also decided to show the dates on the lunar calendar for your interest.

Class Version & Perforated Version (with tear-off line)

This year we have designed a new version with tear-off line for those who want to tear off your calendar perfectly. If you like it natural and prefer your calendar with texture and organic kind of feel, the original classic version (like last year’s) is also here for you to choose!

Layout Design

We intended to keep true to the traditional typology. To keep the design relevant today, we redesigned the typeface, illustrated the time of sunset and sunrise and also designed combinations of two pantone colours for each month.

Colours & Illustration

51 illustrations are to highlight special days, Chinese New Year, mid-summer’s day, harvest seasons, Christmas day etc. Some illustrations also tried to make the lunar calendar that’s been around for 700 years more relevant to younger generations.

Printing & Binding

We decided to use very light weight 30gsm (0.05mm thickness) paper which reflects that used in traditional calendars. However it is almost impossible print well on such light weight stock. The execution of the project was only possible with close cooperation between FMS and senior printing technicians each with over 30 years experience behind the printing machine. Due to the thickness of the paper the binding of this calendar is 100% manual, all 384 pages.

Pre-order Gifts

Five Metal Shop has prepared their fans some cute and practical gifts for welcoming the new year! You can have both Year of Pig Red Pocket (printed with Japanese Washi) & Spring Festival Couplets (Chunlian) as complimentary gifts for Pre-order!

Design Origin: Taiwan

Photos by Five Metal Shop

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