"SBN SUPER MANUAL" Poster by Noritake (Sold Out ☹)

"SBN SUPER MANUAL" Poster by Noritake (Sold Out ☹)


"SBN SUPER MANUAL" Poster by Noritake

Noritake 為其 SBN (Super Binding Notebook) 筆記簿系列製作的海報,同時亦是一張搞怪的使用手冊。

Size: B3 (364mm x 515mm)

Printed in Japan

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About Noritake

Illustrator/ Designer/ Artist

Japanese illustrator Noritake has held countless personal and joint exhibitions. He has been active in various creative disciplines such as design, illustrator, advertisement, fashion and media since 2008. It is easy to recognize his iconic black and white lines, simple brush strokes and white space aesthetics. You can always spot his works in Japan's railway advertisements, magazine covers, product packaging or shop windows.

Noritake's work is best known for its minimalist simplicity and the sense of humor of his characters. Some of the most impressive pieces of Noritake in recent years include the cover of magazines Brutus and Monocle, the “Happy Valentine's Day” program for Muji, the curious boy logo for Washida Home in Taiwan and Shiseido's IHADA facial care products advertising.

關於 Noritake

插畫家 / 設計師 / 藝術家

Noritake 曾舉辦無數個人及聯合展覽,2008年開始活躍於設計、插畫、廣告、時尚及媒體等多個領域,無論在日本的鐵路廣告、雜誌封面、產品包裝、或是店舖櫥窗都很容易認得他標誌性的黑白線條、簡單筆觸及留白空間。Noritake 的作品以極度簡約著稱,一張簡單輪廓配一副中性表情,往往就能產生讓人會心微笑的幽默。近年最令人深刻的 Noritake 作品有很多,包括 《Brutus》及 《Monocle》別冊《The Forecast》的封面,Muji 無印良品的 "Happy Valentine’s Day” 企劃、台灣選物店 Washida Home 的好奇男孩商標、跟日本服飾品牌 ZUCCa 聯名企畫〈變成圓(まるくなる)〉、以及資生堂的 IHADA 面部護理用品廣告等。

Design Origin: Japan

image by Noritake

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