'..Goober Candles'.. ..'Goober 蠟燭 ..'

'..Goober Candles'.. ..'Goober 蠟燭 ..'

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'..The Goober Candle is cast in unscented paraffin wax from playful forms originally created by Talbot & Yoon in their Brooklyn studio.'..

'..Each Goober has a distinctive shape and character. El (purple) is a curious kind of Goober and likes being perched on a mantle or coffee table. Em (green) is a laid back kind of Goober and likes being perched on the ledge of a tub or side table. Eph (pink) is a lazy kind of Goober and likes being perched on a windowsill or a bedside table.'..

'..Approximate burn time is 40 hours. Do not leave burning candle unattended.'..




'..Color: Purple'..

'..Size: 10x9x9 cm'..



'..Color: Green'..

'..Size: 10x10x7 cm'..



'..Color: Pink'..

'..Size: 10x10x10 cm'..

'..Design Origin: New York U.S.A.'..


..'外形奇特的 Goober Candle 是一組充滿喜感的蠟燭,驟眼看就像日本職人手打麻糬的各種動態,將他們放在餐桌、茶几、床邊等不同角落,在慵懶的治癒氛圍下盡情放鬆神經吧!..'

..'Goober Candle 以100%石蠟製成,沒有添加任何氣味,可連續燃點40小時。..'





..'尺寸:10x9x9 (厘米)..'




..'尺寸:10x10x7 (厘米)..'




..'尺寸:10x10x10 (厘米)..'


..'原產地: 美國..'


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Areaware is a gift and home accessories brand based in Brooklyn, NY and Columbus, OH. We’re a small team of 24 people dedicated to producing the best of new design. We work with a roster of independent designers on a royalty-basis, and oversee all aspects of bringing a design product to market, including creative direction, product development, sourcing, marketing, sales and distribution. We work with independent designers to bring their design ideas to life. We value design integrity, and collaborate closely with designers to realize their vision while also responding to consumer needs and market forces. Each design we produce is exclusive to the Areaware brand.

關於 Areaware


Designed by Talbot & Yoon

images by Areaware

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