Borosilicate Glass Mug by HAY - Yellow *New*

Borosilicate Glass Mug by HAY - Yellow *New*


'..Coloured borosilicate glass is used to create this distinct and functional mug and cup duo. The mug has a rounder, more symmetrical shape, while the cup has a rimmed edge and arched handle. Available in different colours.'..

'..Material: Borosilicate glass'..

'..Colour: Yellow'..

'..Height: 8.5 cm'..

'..Diameter: 8 cm'..

'..Design Origin: Denmark'..

'..images by unun'..


..'HAY 彩色玻璃杯系列,採用耐熱、堅固、及通透的硼矽酸鹽玻璃 Borosilicate Glass,比一般玻璃擁有更佳的透明感,陽光穿透水及杯身會散落搖曳的光影,看著就能令人陶醉一整個下午。..'

..'Material: Borosilicate glass..'

..'Colour: Yellow..'

..'Height: 8.5 cm..'

..'Size: 8cm..'

..'Design Origin: Denmark..'


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about HAY

HAY was founded in 2002 with the ambition to create contemporary furniture with an eye for modern living and sophisticated industrial manufacturing.

Inspired by the stable structures of architecture and the dynamics of fashion, which they seek to combine in durable quality products that provide added value for the user.

HAY’s continued vision is to create straightforward, functional and aesthetic design in cooperation with some of the world’s most talented, curious and courageous designers.

關於 HAY

丹麥品牌 HAY 成立於2002年,以簡約線條及精彩配色將充滿當代感的北歐設計發揚光大,短短十數年間就成為北歐其中一個最觸目的設計傢俱品牌,每年的國際傢俱展都必定成為焦點。

創辦人之一的 Rolf Hay 曾經在丹麥另一著名傢俱品牌 GUBI 工作,Rolf 觀察到不少顧客都欣賞漂亮的北歐設計,可是定價往往令不少人卻步,於是他決定成立定價親民的 HAY,讓顧客能用相對容易負擔的價錢,將北歐設計美學帶回家。

另一創辦人 Matte Hay ,即是 Rolf 的太太,主力負責 HAY 的家品、文具及生活小物,受歡迎程度甚至與主力的傢俱產品不相伯仲。Matte 相信即使是最小一件的日常用品,都可以是漂亮的、令人愉快的。

自2015年起,HAY 每年都會與瑞典時尚品牌 COS 展示聯乘造型型錄,共同定義了北歐式的時尚生活風貌,成為時尚及設計界年度最期待的企劃之一,絕對是北歐簡約風潮的重要推手。

images by unun

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