'..Luna Lamp Mini'.. ..'月球燈 Luna Mini..'

'..Luna Lamp Mini'.. ..'月球燈 Luna Mini..'


'..The second generation of Luna Lamp has greatly improved various details and upgraded to more advanced, simple and contemporary design. The new version of Luna Mini is brighter than the original and the battery is more durable. It is an irresistible romantic decoration.'..




'..-Water Repellent'..

'..-Heat Resistant'..



'..Diameter: 8cm'..

'..Weight: 70g'..

'..Battery Voltage: 3 V (CR2032)'..

'..Light Description: 0.25W, 580K – 585K'..

'..1 Year Free Warranty'..

'..Design Origin: Taiwan'..


..'第二代月球燈 Luna 大幅改良了各種細節,改用更簡約俐落的部件,Luna Mini 比起初代會更明亮,電池更持久,適合隨身攜帶,是一件令人無法抗拒的浪漫小物。..'










..'電池:3V (CR2032)..'

..'通電量:0.25W, 580K – 585K..'



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'..Moon always brings the sense of relief. Divine and serene, the moon is a resting place for our heart. Acorn Studio (Taiwan) dreamed to design a moon which can be fitted into your home or even be grabbed by hands to bring pleasure and amazement in life. After two years of hard work, LUNA has officially debuted at some of the world's largest crowdfunding platforms, raising funds equivalent to 19 times of the initial target, with a multitude of positive feedback.'..

'..Each LUNA is unique. Let LUNA illuminate your space, and your mind.'..

'..Designed and handcrafted by Acorn Studio (Taiwan).'..


..'由台灣橡果藝術製作的每一個月球燈 LUNA 都是人手製作,擁有獨一無二的觸感。..'


'..LUNA FAQ'..

'..1. Why does it take so long for pre-order?'..

'..Handmade by Acorn Studio, each LUNA lamp is a delicate piece of artwork under precise quality control. The larger the size the longer the production time. Hence, supply is limited.'..

'..2. Will ununliving organise diy workshops for making LUNA?'..

'..No. LUNA lamp is an exquisite piece of artwork, created, designed and made by Acorn Studio with tremendous efforts. To ensure LUNA's authenticity, as much as we understand how you wish to make a LUNA lamp yourself, we are afraid that any kinds of workshop on LUNA lamp making would not be available. '..

'..3. Will LUNA lamp's surface be overheated?'..

'..LUNA is made of heatproof materials. When you place your hand on LUNA, it should only be warm.'..

'..4. How should we clean LUNA lamp?'..

'..You can simply clean the surface with a cloth or sponge.'..


..'購買 LUNA 常見問題 FAQ..'

..'1. 為什麼預訂時間這麼長?..'

..'月球燈 LUNA 是人手製作的,繁複的工序加上嚴密的品質監控,每顆月球燈 LUNA 都不能在幾天內完成,尺寸越大的 LUNA 需要越長時間製作,所以每月都只能限量製作,趕不及訂購的話就只能訂購下一個月的製作啦。..'

..'2. 你們會舉辦月球燈 diy 工作坊教授自製月球燈 LUNA 嗎?..'

..'不會。我們明白有朋友想親手製作一顆月球燈 LUNA 作禮物以表心意,希望大家亦能明白 LUNA 是由橡果的設計團隊花上以年計的時間去設計、研發及製作。為了確保每顆 LUNA 的品質,以及尊重橡果團隊的設計理念及專業手藝,我們無法以工作坊的形式,讓大家以折衷的方法去製作 LUNA。..'

..'3. 月球燈 LUNA 摸上去會燙手嗎?..'

..'月球燈 LUNA 使用耐熱的無毒材質,拿在手上只會感到溫暖而不會燙手,可以絕對放心。..'

..'4. 應該如何清潔月球燈 LUNA 呢?..'

..'使用百潔布或海綿輕微刷洗月球燈 LUNA 表面就可以了。..'

'..photos by our customers'.. ..'客人回饋照片..'

'..more LUNA Lamp photos HERE'.. ..'按這裡 看更多月球燈 LUNA 照片..'

Designed and handcrafted by Acorn Studio (Taiwan) 

images by Alina Tsai

Video by Tsungchieh

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