Mobile Bird

Mobile Bird

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The moving mobile is good for baby who enjoys the natural feeling, to feel the light, wind and rain. Mobile bird takes the natural into our living home.

Materials: Pine Wood 松木

Brand: Eguchi Toys

Design Origin: Japan & Taiwan

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Style: Mobile Bird 送子鳥

Size:  95x107x18cm

Weight: 1.5 kg




Style: Baby Bird

Size: 60x74x12cm

Weight: 1kg

育有三個小孩的江口,看見現今幼兒玩具大多是電子及塑膠,他認為嬰幼兒在大腦發育期的階段,讓小孩多接觸木製玩具,可以喚起他們手感的觸覺,認識大自然的樣貌。江口對幼兒教育充滿熱誠,他的另一個身份其實是蒙特梭利 (Montessori) 專業教師,與太太共同經營一家蒙特梭利國際幼兒園,創立 Eguchi Toys 後,致力開發優質幼兒玩具及用品。

Did your kids ever ask: "Mommy, where do babies come from?" A common story to tell children who are too young to be told the truth is the myth of the stork, which flies over the rooftop with a little cloth bundle where there is a little newborn wrapped. This lovely Pelican, which will let you dream once again that babies come from the sky, and land on the front porch.

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