懷舊挑竹籤遊戲 Mikado 源自匈牙利,日籍法國設計師 Emmanuelle Moureaux 用紙(kami)代替傳統竹製材料,以一層層彩色紙疊成的漸變紋理,重新設計出富濃厚當代感的 Kamikado。

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一盒 41 枝


玩法 (2 - 6人遊戲):

  1. 開始遊戲時,第一位玩家將整束紙籤用手握著,再放手讓紙籤自然地散在桌上。

  2. 玩家要將紙籤在沒有移動到其他紙籤的情況下,把紙籤用手逐一拿走,直至不小心移動到其他紙籤,便輪到下一位玩家,如此類推,玩家可以用已拿得的紙籤輔助以獲得桌上餘下的紙籤,最後獲得最多紙籤數目的玩家勝出。

Originated in Hungary, Mikado is a classic table game. Japan based French designer Emmanuelle Moureaux redesigned this traditional pick up stick game, replacing the original beech wood stick with colorful paper (japanese: "kami"). Kamikado is a new, contemporary and minimal version of mikado.

A box of 41 sticks

Weight: 69g

How to play (No. of players: 2-6)

1. Starting player begins the game by holding all the sticks in a bundle, then release over the table.

2. Carefully take one stick after another with one hand. If other sticks move, the player loses turn.

3. Player can use his/her acquired sticks to take the same coloured sticks left on the table.

4. Player with the highest number of sticks wins the game.

Design Origin: Japan

 images by ununliving