Animal Bowls by Jean Jullien x Case Studyo

Animal Bowls by Jean Jullien x Case Studyo

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4 Colors, 2 Sizes

- High Bowl -

Sizes: 13cm. x 7cm

Styles: Blue cat/ Coral fish

- Low Bowl -

Sizes: 15,5cm. x 6cm

Styles: Green frog/ White dog


法國藝術家 Jean Jullien 與比利時藝術工作室 Case Studyo 聯乘推出的 Face Plate 瞬間被搶購一空,苦等多時,第二代趣怪陶瓷系列 - Animal Bowl 終於登場!

跟初代一樣,Animal Bowl 經過 Jean Jullien 挑選優質陶瓷物料,外形刻意保留手捏質感,再畫上四種帶有呆滯表情的動物,提醒你用餐時將餐桌禮儀拋諸腦後,像動物一樣率性地享受大餐吧!

"Don’t be shy to lick the bowl!"

Jean Julien 知道不少人都不習慣自己一個用餐,所以希望他的食具插畫會成為用餐者的夥伴,即使獨自一個用餐,吃完看到碗底的趣怪模樣,心情也會好起來 :)

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Hand casted porcelain bowls

Designed by Jean Jullien

Produced by Case Studyo in 2018

Colored handcasted porcelain

4 colors / 2 shapes

High Bowl: 13cm. x 7cm.

- Coral fish

- Blue cat

Low Bowl: 15,5cm. x 6cm.

- White dog

- Green frog

We're happy to introduce the 'Animal Bowls', the follow-up edition to the popular 'Face Plates' and the latest release in our ongoing collaboration with acclaimed illustrator and wittiest English Frenchman, Jean Jullien.

The edition consists of 4 hand shaped coloured porcelain bowls, each one sporting a different animal face in Jean Jullien's signature style, perfect for serving both hot and cold dishes.

The dog, cat, fish and frog encourage you to satisfy your animalistic appetite, forget table manners and enjoy your meal.

Don't be shy to lick the bowl!

About the artist:

Jean Jullien is a French graphics artist educated at London's Central Saint Martin's and Royal College of Art. His practive ranges from illustration to photography, video, costumes, installations, books, posters and clothing to create a coherent yet eclectic body of work. He has shown work with Tate Museum, HVW8 (Los Angeles and Berlin), Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, the National Museum of Singapore, Kemistry Gallery in London and MIMA Museum in Brussels, among others. He has illustrated for Colette, The New Yorker, National Geographic, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Phaidon Press, UNICEF, Eurostar, Majestic Wines, The Wall Street Journal, Transport for London and many more. He currently lives and works in London.

About Case Studyo

Case Studyo is a publisher and producer, collaborating with contemporary artists from a broad spectrum.

Case Studyo artworks are the result of a unique collaboration between the studio and the artist. The goal is not to simply repeat or reproduce an existing artwork, but to focus on new creations where the interaction between Case Studyo and the artist becomes it's own story – a case study – resulting in a unique object, edited in several pieces.

Design Origin: France

images from Case Studyo

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